Tips for Making Healthy Juice with Plenty of Vitamins and Nutrition

Making healthy juices isn’t hard when you are making homemade juice from scratch. The vitamin and mineral components of the juice are dependent on which produce you use, and how much of it you use. You can increase your chances of making healthy, nutrition packed juice by giving it some thought prior to getting started.

To ensure that you have healthy juices with plenty of vitamins and minerals choose from these three different categories of ingredients.

Choose a Base:

* Celery
* Cucumber
* Carrot

Choose a Flavor:

* Berry
* Apple
* Citrus

Add a Green:

* Kale
* Spinach
* Lettuce

Being sure not to overload on any one flavor will make the most nutritious and flavorful juices. Learn about the vitamins and minerals in the produce you like to eat, as well as which vitamins and minerals can help treat illnesses you want to treat or avoid. Finally the most nutritious juice is the one you’ll actually drink, so make sure it tastes good.

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