Monday, March 10, 2014

More sandwich ideas!

Last week I shared 10 sandwich ideas here are some more for you!   Plus don't miss our Lunch box recipes filled with 100 recipes to fill your lunchboxes!
Lunch Box Recipes
11. Hummus, tomato and diced cucumbers rolled up in a lavash (flat bread) or stuffed in a pita.

12. Fresh mozzarella and raspberry jam panini. Mmmm. Warm and melty. Sweet and salty.

13. Ham on a blueberry muffin. Kids love this.

14. Leftover grilled chicken on a biscuit with American cheese, mayo and pickle.

15. Leftover grilled chicken on a triple berry muffin with chipotle mayo. The berries and the chipotle play off each other nicely.

16. Ham salad on an apple cinnamon muffin. Remember those apple cinnamon Jiffy muffin mixes? You can mix up a batch of “homemade” in minutes – for pennies!

17. Roast beef and tomato on leftover garlic bread. Why not. It really is a good way to use up the brad and tastes amazing!

18. Banana bread with Nutella. Warning: Nutella, a hazelnut-chocolate spread, is addictive. You may just eat the entire jar with a spoon. 

Don’t forget that grilled sandwiches and paninis taste just as good cold. Anyone that is perpetually packing their lunch for budget-conscious or health-conscious reasons needs a little shake up now and then.

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