Monday, March 3, 2014

Fill your lunchbox

Tired of PB & J? Has baloney worn out its welcome? Are you bored with the same old, same old? No wonder! Studies show that most of us use the same recipes and eat the same foods over and over again, bringing on boredom and dulled taste buds.

But convenience is no excuse. The sandwich has been around since 1762, which has given us plenty of time to come up with a few new ideas for lunch. Think outside the bag – the lunch bag, that is!
A sandwich is basically anything you can stick between two pieces of bread. You don’t have to stay with the traditional meat, cheese, condiment combo. Change things up: Add fruit. Try a new bread. Let your imagination run wild.

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These 10 sandwich ideas for kids and adults are sure to shake you out of your brown bag blues.
  1. Tuna salad on white bread is standard, but try it on toast with shredded carrots for crunch (and Vitamin A!). 
  2. Almond butter with sliced banana packs a protein punch, but tastes like dessert.
  3. Grilled cheese doesn’t have to be just American cheese. Try cheddar with sliced apples and grainy mustard. 
  4. Another alternative to plastic-wrapped cheese is grilled Monterey Jack with thinly sliced pear. 
  5. Grilled Swiss with avocado and sour cream. Yes, sour cream. If you can find alfalfa sprouts, they are great stuffed in here, too. 
  6. Cinnamon raisin bread with leftover roast chicken is a surprisingly good combo. 
  7. Ham with apple butter. Very autumnal and very tasty. 
  8. Leftover turkey on cranberry nut bread. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to try this one. 
  9. Goat cheese and fig jam, which are both readily available at most neighborhood supermarkets. 
  10. Leftover steak with fresh spinach leaves, fresh mozzarella and chipotle mayo. 

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