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Monday, March 17, 2014

7 more sandwich ideas

Need more lunchbox ideas?

Lunch Box Recipes
  Sandwich Ideas
  • Corn muffin with turkey, Monterey jack and jalapeno jelly. You can also use leftover corn bread.
  •  Fill a wrap or a pita with ham and homemade pineapple salsa or sliced pineapple.
  •  Give turkey lunchmeat a new lease on life with cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumbers on a toasted bagel.
  • For more bagel ideas, try using up leftover grilled vegetables from last night’s dinner and a smear of cream cheese.
  •  Sliced tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella on a whole wheat English muffin with olive oil. Caprese fans unite!
  •  Leftover beef or chicken stir fry rolled up in a wrap.
  •  Leftover chicken with pesto on a bakery roll will make anyone want to brown bag it. 

New recipes for sandwiches and ideas for lunch can help you reignite your taste buds and please your palate – and save money!

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