Why Fitness Is Important for Children

Basically, the reason our children are struggling more than those of generations past with personal fitness is because lifestyles have changed. Instead of spending a lot of time outside playing with friends, climbing trees and playing tag, kids are spending more time inside doing homework, watching television, playing video games and texting their friends.

Kids don’t have to go outside and meet their friends in order to socialize with them anymore, which means they don’t have to be as physically active as kids used to. Therefore, we need to deliberately incorporate fitness routines into our children’s lives.

Personal fitness for children is important because it involves their health. Yes, they will look better, but more importantly they will feel better and have better chances for living long and fulfilling lives. Too many children suffer from the physical effects of obesity – things like liver disease, cardiovascular problems and diabetes are just a few of the side effects obese children face.

Finally, obesity in children also affects the economy. The cost for health care is going up because of the obesity rate in children has increased so drastically in the past 20 years. Some of the health issues obese children face are issues that didn’t used to be a concern into one was an older adult (high blood pressure and heart disease, for example).

How to Help Children Get Fit 
First, if you have a regular fitness routine that you do, try to get your kids involved in it. If you don’t, then it’s time to start! Talk to your kids about what physical activities they enjoy to do and see if there is a way to incorporate it into their daily lives. There probably is.

Even if you child prefers playing video games, you could easily purchase a Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect or Playstation Move and their corresponding games that require physical movement interaction in order to play. You could also consider taking them to play laser tag or go paint balling with friends as these games are similar to video games too.

The important thing is that you listen to your child and pay attention to his/her interests when trying to find an appropriate physical activity for him/her to get involved in. If it’s something they enjoy, the focus isn’t going to be on getting fit but on having fun, which is what physical fitness should be!

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