Tips for Getting Kids Active

Perhaps you have children who you feel sit around too much, but you don’t know how to change that. Changing your kids’ habits can be difficult, but below are a few tips to help you out.

Get Active with Them – You may find it easier to motivate your kids to get active if you join in on activities with them. For instance, sign up the entire family for swimming, tennis lessons, martial arts, golf or even horseback riding. Going together as a family can make it much more fun!

Invite Their Friends – A lot of kids prefer to do things their friends are doing. Therefore, if you know some of your kids’ friends and they would like to do a particular activity with your child, call his/her parents up and see if they can join. You can also encourage your child to sign up for a sport that some of his/her friends play. Many kids are insecure about new activities, but the reassurance of having a friend to do it with can help.

Limit Electronic Devices – Our society, and children in particular, have gotten dependent on electronic devices whether it’s video games, computers, cell phones, televisions, etc. Even though these devices can be useful, they hinder physical activity. Therefore, it’s best to limit how much time your kids can spend on them each day.

Talk to Your Kids About What They Like – Many parents have their own idea of what activity is best for their children and don’t ask their kids before they sign them up. This can have a negative effect on them. Therefore, take the time to talk to your kids first. Ask them what kinds of physical activities they would enjoy getting to do on a more regular basis. Then, go from there! You’ll discover that your kids will have much more fun and be a lot more motivated to participate in physical activities if they choose to do them.

Include Physical Activities into Daily Routines – The best thing you can do for you and your kids is to make physical activities (fitness) a part of the daily routine. Once you and your kids get used to it, it becomes a “must-do” thing as you will feel (and look) better! Obviously, you will have scheduling conflicts from time to time, but getting adequate physical activity every day should be something you, and your kids, want to do!

Try to Avoid Harping – Try not to “harp” or nag at your kids regarding their body shape, weight, etc. This is not a good motivational technique for getting them motivated to get active. Instead, be positive and talk about how physical activity and exercise improve overall health, which is far more important than how one looks.

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