Tips for Creating a Family Fitness Routine

Getting your family in better shape is a great thing to do, but can be hard if everyone isn’t on the same page. Below are a few ideas that should help you and your family create a family fitness routine everyone is happy with.

Step #1 – Setting Goals
The first thing you and your family should do is sit down together and outline what your goals are. While you should set family goals, it’s also important that each family member sets personal goals too. As you go around and ask each person what his/her goals are, write them all down. (Write your family goals down to.) Then, post them where everyone can see them on a daily basis. A few examples of goals you may have include:

  • Losing 10 pounds 
  • Running in a marathon together as a family 
  • Increasing your strength 
  • Creating more energy 
  • Building personal stamina for gym class 
  • Fitting back into a favorite pair of pants or dress 
  • Participating in and/or learning a new sport

Step #2 – Consider Everyone’s Interests
When setting goals and considering a family fitness routine, you should consider each person’s interests. For instance, if you have children who have just watched “The Karate Kid” and really enjoy mimicking the karate moves, consider signing your family up for karate classes. Or, if you have older children and you all enjoy football, consider joining a co-ed flag football team.

Step #3 – Get Everyone’s Input
Before you decide on signing up for any activity or determine what family activity you’ll do together on the weekend, you need to get everyone’s input. Everyone in your family should feel as if they have an equal say in things. This will keep everyone in good spirits and the motivation going. One way to do this is to take turns picking out what activities you do as a family.

Step #4 – Make a Routine Out of It
Finally, once you have all set goals (family goals and personal goals), talked about your interests and everyone has given their input, it’s time to make a routine out of it. In order to make it a routine, you need to begin doing something on a daily basis that involves deliberate physical activity…and it needs to be planned. Therefore, map out times when you can work towards achieving your family goals together through physical activity, as well as, personal time to work towards your individual goals. Basically, you will have to schedule these times in before they will become part of the family routine.

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