Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fitness Tips for kids

Physical education classes used to be an integral part of school every year from first grade until twelfth grade. Now, it is optional once the state requirements are met for graduation. What does this mean? Kids are less and less active each year when they need to be more so.

Help get your kids moving more and not less. Here are some ways to do that.

1. Discuss the role of fitness – They don’t have to be a star athlete to get physically fit. All they have to do is move consistently. Find some form of activity that they like and keep with it to fight back against extra weight brought on by bodily changes during the teenage years.

2. Discuss the role of food – They can still eat their burger and fries but once a week or less. Help them experiment with other foods to find healthier ones they might like. Another option is substitutions – turning higher fat foods into leaner, healthier ones that taste just as good. Get them involved in cooking for the family!

3. Exercise with friends – If your daughter is concerned about her weight chances are that some of her friends are as well. They can get their exercise together by taking classes at the local rec center or the gym. Classes allow for fun fitness without individual scrutiny.

4. Choose a sport that they like – They don’t have to participate in group sports if they are not comfortable but they can still participate on a regular basis. Buy a basketball goal, volleyball net, a skateboard, roller blades or other sporting equipment so they can have fun with an activity that they like.

The body changes during the preteen and teen years. Increasing knowledge about fitness and fitness itself can keep their self-esteem and body image healthy.

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