10 Ideas to get your family active and moving

Family time is important for many reasons. Have you thought about using it to promote fitness and health? If not, here are 10 great ways for you to raise the bar in your family and get them moving regularly.

Family time can become active time little by little. You know kids; they might balk at anything that resembles exercise unless it is done as part of a family activity. That is your “in.” The same goes for adults. We all could be a bit healthier.

10 Ways to Move More
Even if you don’t have regularly scheduled “family time” there is no time like the present to get it going. Time spent watching television can be morphed into a fun activity with a more physical component. Use these ideas as a guideline to get you thinking in the forward direction.

1. After dinner walk – One way to get the family talking and moving is to schedule a bit of exercise as an addendum to your dinner routine. See your neighborhood, have a few laughs and all while spending quality time together.

2. Train for a charity event – Even if everyone isn’t on the same level activity-wise, you can all participate in a walking event. Sign up as a family group for a 5K walk. Raise money and build endurance as you get ready for the big day.

3. Participate in interactive games – We are talking about video games. If your kids want time in front of the screen make it the television screen playing a Wii active game like bowling, obstacle courses or dancing games.

4. Go bike riding – That after dinner walk can be a bike ride sometimes. It is faster than walking and works the legs even more than walking already does.

5. Get competitive – Do you have a back yard? Use it. Play backyard games like you did when you were kids: soccer, volleyball, kickball, flag football and freeze tag. You burn more calories than you think and you have a lot of laughs.

6. Take turns walking the dog – While he is searching for a place to do his business, you are getting a workout. In the winter months, it takes more energy to warm your body so you are burning extra calories.

7. Create a garden – Gardening is fun but it is a lot of work. The entire body gets a workout pulling weeds, picking fruit and vegetables and planting seeds.

8. Spend the day at the park – Some community parks have paddle boats, canoes, hiking and walking trails. Bring a picnic lunch or a backpack of snacks and spend a few hours there.

9. Take a walking tour – Trips to the zoo and museums involve a lot of walking.

10. Plan an active vacation – Try camping, cultural vacations and the like where you are involved in physical activities at least once a day.

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