Saturday, February 16, 2013

Boys Can Cook Too! Interview

Kelly Lambrakis is author of several fun kids cookbooks geared toward getting boys in the kitchen cooking. She entwines a boy's love of sports in her first cookbook called Boys Can Cook Too!: An Inspirational Cookbook for Sports Lovin' Boys of all Ages. Two more cookbooks are centered on some favorite kids food-snacks and cookies.

In this interview she tells us how and why she got started with her series of  cookbooks. She also gives some great tips on getting kids involved in the kitchen.

What gave you the idea of writing Boys Can Cook Too?
I have always felt that it's important to teach my boys to cook by giving them
the opportunity to learn the basics of the kitchen in order to become self
sufficient when they become adults.

So during the holiday season, I began looking for a few cookbooks for them. I was surprised that I couldn't find anything specific for boys. My boys have always loved sports, so I began to write a cookbook specific for boys that love sports. It's a great beginner cookbook for boys that want to learn how to cook fun and easy meals for their family and friends. The cookbook also has fun sports trivia games to play and inspirational messages for young athletes of all ages.

At what age did your boys start helping cook?
I think boys learning to cook is a vital and healthy part of growing up, so
I've had my boys in the kitchen since they were toddlers, and put them to work
at an early age. Initially, I would start out keeping it simple and easy.
Things that use few ingredients and are one-dish meals are good to begin with
for young cooks.

What is your kids favorite recipe?
I found with my own boys, I've tried to teach them first how to cook their
favorite dishes. It's all about getting them involved and letting them
experiment. I try to bring them in the kitchen and teach them the basics. If
they never cook, they will never learn how.

My boys favorite thing to bake is cookies and brownies. Boys Can Cook Too! - Incredible Cookies is an awesome cookbook for kids that love to bake. My boys favorite recipe is the Double Chocolate Brownies. It's super quick and easy, and turns out perfect every time.

How do you fit cooking into your kids busy schedule?
My kids love making snacks. Almost every day after school they make a favorite
snack from Boys Can Cook Too! - Fast Snacks. It's a cookbook filled with
healthy and easy snacks that kids can make in less than 15 minutes. On the
weekends, or when we have more time, they enjoy making breakfast, lunch and
dinner meals too.

Do all your kids love to cook and/or help you in the kitchen? Do you have
any tips on getting kids involved and wanting to help?

My boys are 11, 8 and 3 years old, and all of them love helping in the kitchen,
of course at different levels of ability. I found that most kids like to help
at a very young age, but then we chase them from the kitchen. We think their
“help” will be more work for us and also are concerned about the dangers.
So instead, I think we should take the necessary precautions, teach them the
rules of the kitchen and supervise them constantly. Teaching children from a
young age builds confidence. It also encourages them to try new things.

In addition to spending time with my boys and doing something I love, it is
wonderful to watch them take so much pride in their cooking and manage to have
fun in the process.

Remember, when you finally get young people cooking, do not criticize, or they
will lose interest quickly. Teach, show by example, and then let them on their
own. In most cases, you will be pleasantly surprised.

With unhealthy eating habits, and the fast food restaurant popularity rising
over the past 20 years, we need to make it a priority to educate our children.
Kids need to be aware of what goes into their bodies. Teaching and
encouraging them to participate in the kitchen is the first step to a lifetime
of healthier choices.

My intention is to share Boys Can Cook Too! cookbooks with other parents and
children, in hopes that they will be inspired too.

Our series of cookbooks have a five star rating and are currently available on
Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. They are also available at very competitive
wholesale pricing for retail stores and fundraising opportunities too.

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