Monday, November 19, 2012

Super Healthy Kids Interview

Amy at the SuperHealthy Kids blog teaches her readers about healthy eating and healthy living.

She shares menu plans, ideas to get your kids to eat fruit and vegetables as well as many easy kid friendly and yummy recipes! Super Healthy Kids
She has also created a healthy habits portion plate to help kids (and parents) learn how to eat balanced and healthy meals. We'll tell you about it below.

Thanks Amy, for taking the time to answer our interview questions and share with us some great tips!

How do you stay active with your family?

I have three kids, and we have been doing outdoor activities with them from the time they were very small. Our favorite activity is hiking. My youngest, who is 7, even did a 5 mile hike with us this summer, without complaining. They are troopers! The key, I believe to hiking with your kids, is to have an exciting destination. Hiking for the soul purpose of getting nowhere, doesn’t hold their attention the way a waterfall does or a some hot springs at the end of the trail.

My husband is also really great about being outside with them to play soccer, build snow forts, and going on long roller blade or bike rides with them. They love it when he participates.

Do you have a favorite meal your kids love?
My kids love anything that has rice or noodles in it! They are true carb addicts (just like their mother J ) This is fine with me, because both rice and noodles I purchase a whole grain version, and we can add loads of veggies to our dishes.

What do you enjoy about being a food blogger?
I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with my kids. Food blogging allows me to spend MORE time with my kids and expose them to new and delicious foods (and sometimes not so delicious as we’ve failed many times with things I’ve tried to make healthier)

What is your favorite tip for getting kids to eat healthy food?
My favorite tip is patience. Repeated exposure is key to getting your kids to enjoy a variety of healthy food, but many parents interpret that to mean 5-11 exposures of a food (because that is what the studies tell us). In my experience, it was literally years of exposure to a food, and consistent exposure to get them to eat a specific food and enjoy it!

You've created a healthy habits plate. Can you tell our readers about it.
The Healthy Habits Plate is designed to teach kids visually what a healthy, balanced meal looks like! It has an image with half of the plate being fruits and vegetables, a quarter for grains, and a quarter for proteins.

Kids learn very young that they need more fruits and vegetables than all the other food groups. An interesting thing has happened though, it is actually helping parents just as much to remind them to put more fruits and veggies on their kids plates!

Super Healthy Kids
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