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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Barbara Beery Interview

Barbara Beery was the founder of Batter Up kids a kids cooking school in Texas. Recently they have made a change to their kids cooking school after 20 years, in that they are no longer holding culinary classes.
Ms. Beery is author of many fun, inventive and bright kids cookbooks. She recently answered my questions in a recent interview. Enjoy the interview!

I see you are no longer holding classes.
We made the change in the business for several reasons. After teaching 20 years, I felt that writing my cookbooks and doing spokesperson work was simply too much to do on an everyday basis. Although we had other instructors, the ultimate responsibility was on my shoulders. It has been a good break for 2.5 years and has allowed me the opportunity to outreach to many more children nationwide in other venues than strictly teaching in a classroom situation

The economy also played a part in my decision. The classes and birthday parties we offered were top notch and extensive in their menus and recipes…but they were expensive and that excluded more people than it included. I wanted to figure out a new way to offer classes that everyone could afford to attend and needed time to rethink and brainstorm about new possibilities. So we’ll be back this year with classes presented in a new way!

You have a kids cooking shop now with so much available including your cookbooks. Do you have a favorite kids cooking product you would recommend?
Tough question…and No I do not have a favorite. As you know, depending on the age of the child and their skill level in the kitchen, there are so many utensils and products which help create a successful venture in the kitchen. An appropriate age-level and skills cookbook is very important and tools and utensils that fit the child’s hand and coordination are also very important. We have so many great kitchen products for kids ages 4 and older and guidelines for age-appropriate products and hope that this educates parents on the best products to buy for their children.

You have a lot of fun and delightful cookbooks. Do you have a favorite cookbook you wrote?
I have a special place in my heart for the new Pink Princess Cupcakes Cookbook because I love cupcakes! Kids love them too and they make such a great birthday celebration and special occasion dessert. I am all about having kids make individual portions so they can create a food just the way they want it…cupcakes fit the bill and cupcakes are small enough that even the youngest of chefs can be successful!!

How do you go about researching and finding new recipes to publish? 
I look and think about recipes in every Food Network show I watch, in every cooking magazine I buy and every restaurant I dine…I am always looking for new recipes that will be easily adapted to suit children cooking classes and recipes for new cookbooks.

Did you have a favorite go to recipe when you were teaching kids cooking classes?
Kids love to make bread and work with dough…it is magical! Whether it is gooey cinnamon rolls, artisanal breads, or pizza…kids love to work with dough…and they always love to decorate cupcakes and cakes.

You can visit Ms. Beery's kids cooking shop where she has many kids cooking products available. Also check out Barbara Beery's fun cookbooks for your kid chefs she has 11 kids cookbooks with a variety of fun topics. Her cookbooks sold on her site are all author-signed.

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